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Our Mission

Inspire those we serve to pursue their dream life while providing the support, tools and education to build the business that funds it.


Our Vision

To be the ultimate representation of real estate professionals who pursue integrity, professionalism, and success in the real estate industry.


Our Values

FEARLESSNESS – We are committed to getting outside of our comfort zone to achieve the goals we set for ourselves. We set goals that challenge us, both personally and professionally, because we believe that everyone is capable of growth. We share our goals and plans with each other, and we hold each other accountable to those plans. We have courageous conversations with each other that are motivated from our desire that everyone in our organization reaches their highest potential.


GRATITUDE – We recognize that there are very few careers or companies that offer the opportunities we have in Keller Williams and in the real estate industry. We approach success with a grateful heart, and never stop thinking about how we can use our knowledge, experience, and influence to impact the lives of others in a positive way. We stay humble in our interactions with clients and colleagues and acknowledge that the best way to thank those who have supported, coached, or trained us is to pay it forward.


PROFESSIONALISM – We believe a true professional is educated in their field and rigorously pursues knowledge to be the best at representing the interest of their clients. We acknowledge that our clients put their trust in us and we understand the responsibility that comes with that. Our interactions with others in real estate, whether inside or outside of our company, reflect our professionalism and desire to elevate the standards of our industry.


INTEGRITY – There is nothing in business that is worth compromising our integrity. We do what we say, and we say what we do, because we know that trust is earned through communication, consistency, and authenticity. We acknowledge our mistakes and use them as an opportunity to learn. We believe in a moral code that is bigger than our own personal desires and this inspires us to make decisions that put the needs of our clients, our company, and our community ahead of our individual needs.


A BIG WHY – We know why we show up every day. This is personal to each of us, and we’ve taken the time to dig deep and figure out what inspires us to show up at 100% even on the days when our willpower wanes. We are here because we want more than just a job. We know that our careers at Keller Williams Classic Group are what fuel our life by design


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